Salon etiquette

Dear Clients,

I work tirelessly to show how your skin can be beautiful and teach you how to preserve results longer. I treat each and everyone individually, there are no other clients in the salon during our treatment. Treatments times include the initial assessment and homecare advice.

To ensure that you have the best possible experience, please read the below salon rules before making appointment.

Making an appointment

I wish to give my full attention to each of you. To make sure it happens, please book your desired appointment via telephone (during opening hours) or email (any time). Please, note our opening times.

Cleanliness and hygiene

To preserve a pleasant and clean salon area, please, refrain from consuming messy or smelly food on the premises.

Children in the salon

Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare. Children will be bored during an adult’s treatment and there are health and safety hazards, too. Plugs, cables, electric appliances can pose a threat as well as are easily damaged. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but trust in your kind understanding.


Oxygen Beauty Studio will accept cash, gift cards issued by us or bank transfers arranged beforehand.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide credit and treatment prices are not negotiable. I cannot negotiate product prices with my suppliers, either.

Damages, accidents

Ez egy ritka kényes téma, mégis fontos megemlíteni. Történhetnek véletlen balesetek a szalonban, amikor a Vendég vagy kísérője kárt okoz a berendezésben, tárgyakban. Ennek költségét a Vendég köteles megtéríteni a szalon tulajdonosa felé.

Nyugalom, média

Our guests are expected to maintain the relaxing and quiet environment while they are in the salon for the benefit of all.
Voice or video recordings must not be made inside or in the immediate outside of the salon unless previously agreed. In breach of these rules the perpetrator will be asked to leave.


After you have left the salon I will not accept product returns. During and after treatment we will discuss your skin care and any purchase will be preceded by careful advice. You can also try products in the salon FOR FREE.
When a series of treatments is purchased the package is non-refundable and not amendable.

We kindly ask anyone accompanying a guest to wait elsewhere for the comfort of those awaiting treatment.

You are not allowed to observe the treatment of others.

What can you expect of your beauty therapist?

— Most beauty shops these days treat only one guest at a time (just as I do).
— A good beauty therapist will assess your skin at the beginning of each visit, not only during your first time! She will offer treatment based on the condition of your skin on that very day. If a treatment is not suitable for either your skin type or the weather conditions, they will not be carried out. A professional therapist will look after your skin intelligently!
— A good beauty therapist will enquire about your diet and any side effects of your medication.
— She will discuss the treatment before she starts. Should any extra costs occur (additional masks or use of devices) she will inform you accordingly.
— Your beauty therapist will explain the steps of your treatment so that you can continue your skincare regime at home more efficiently.
— During your treatment she will not leave you alone for a prolonged length of time.
— In a good salon they will offer you a cold and/or hot drink and they will create a pleasant atmosphere with essential oils.
— A good therapist will make sure that the temperature, the volume of music and the whole atmosphere would be pleasant and acceptable to yourself.

What can be expected of you?

— Should you arrive by car, please make sure you have ample time for parking. Sometimes it takes up to 5-10 minutes to find a parking space. If you are late because of parking, unfortunately that affects your treatment time.
— Arrive when your appointment is. Even if you come earlier, I cannot start treatment before your allocated time as I will be treating someone else.
– A good beauty therapist is busy all day. Therefore if you arrive late, I am unable to allocate you more time. The next guest will be arriving when your rearranged time is up. It is a pleasure when beautician and guest get on well, but it is never up to only one of them.
— Please, check your travel route carefully before leaving.
— Route planners are not always the best! Make sure you know where you are heading!
— Once you arrive, please tell me honestly what you do not like about your skin and what changes you would like to see. I am so glad when one is active in their skincare. Please, ask me for home skincare advice!
— Please, let me know if you have any previous negative experiences regarding any of the treatments. Tell me all of your allergies or sensitivities, if you are pregnant or are currently under medical treatment. (Should you be unwell or have a facial cold sore, just give me a ring and we can rebook your appointment. Please, don’t take any risks regarding your health or that of your beauty therapist and/or other guests.)
— Tell me immediately if during treatment anything is stinging, is too cold or hot, if you don’t like the music or if you are thirsty or uncomfortable for any reason. I will be glad of your feedback and will strive to make you as comfortable as possible!
— It is advisable to book your next visit before you leave. It is much easier than to make last minute arrangements.
— As a guest, a visit to the beauty salon can be a mini-wellness experience. We, as beauty therapists do our best to make you feel good. However, please remember that for us is it our day job.
— Each cancelled appointment is a loss of income for us. When booking your appointment we set that time aside for you and cannot fill your slot last minute. Therefore, I kindly ask you to keep the terms and conditions regarding cancellations. It will make my life easier and happier.

Cancellation policy:

I confirm your booking via text message, so you will be aware when I am expecting you. Unfortunately, some of the clients fail to turn up for their appointments or cancel same day. It is rather awkward for me as I cannot suddenly fill your slot. I hope you do understand that if you do not keep your appointment, I can only rebook you if you pay the full amount of the treatment missed.
You can cancel or modify your booking 24 hours in advance (during opening hours). Otherwise your deposit is non-refundable.

When you book you subscribe to these terms and conditions.

I am grateful that you took the time to read these above salon etiquette and you accept them by booking.

Hope to see you soon!


Address: Cricklewood, London, NW2
Telephone: 07846 513901

Opening hours:

Monday: 9am to 9pm
Tuesday: 9am to 9pm
Wednesday: 9am to 9pm
Thursday: 9am to 9pm
Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 3pm
Sunday: CLOSED